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Food Union

Food Union route planner and driver application make the ice-cream selling process more intuitive for drivers while providing powerful business intelligence for the administration.

The alliance
Client: Food Union
Our tech
Ruby on Rails
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How we
did it.

Old fashioned paper route destination breakdowns were replaced with a new straightforward and intuitive user interface. Each driver was provided with an Android Tablet, that runs a native application featuring today’s highlights.


RoutePlanner backbone is built on Ruby on Rails framework with a heavy emphasis on background job processing. the system also has a fully supported built-in multitenancy, which allows developing custom integrations for each tenant in a much more flexible manner. Deployments and runtime are provided using a containerized environment which eases the process of continuous ecosystem upgrades. For a modern web application, the frontend is built using React and Material UI.

The result.

Knowing the business logic and user requirements, co-alliance successfully has developed a Route planner backend system and an application for delivery processes. The solution helps the drivers to perform better with every new ride, by providing instant feedback on the route completion. With the help of the collected data route planner is an ongoing project that is constantly being improved.