Digital products
Public Organizing Tool


FitsFul allows an effortless organization of small and mid-size events with multiple participants. All you have to do is create an event, indicate a minimum and a maximum number of participants, invite as many people as you want, and set a deadline for responses.

Employee Engagement Software


ENME is a surveying tool that allows managers to easily measure, understand and improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and motivation on a regular basis. ENME Employee Engagement software’s proprietary question database is backed by decades of research and has been validated by the leading industry professionals and academics.

Full-Cycle ERP Platform

Austra ERP

AUSTRA is a web-based platform for manufacturers. It is a modular system that covers full-cycle functional areas such as sales, order management, estimates, production planning, warehouse, logistics management, quality control, and more.

Communication Tool For Municipalities

My City

My City facilitates the municipality’s communication with its residents and guests by offering important information in a convenient and easy-to-understand format (in a mobile app). Since the system consists of several blocks, every application can be tailored for each city separately, making it a unique support tool for the local government.